Is it possible to get same day Cleaning Services?

One of our main ideas is to provide the clients with fast and efficient cleaning services. We do same or next day cleaning services as part of our 24/7 Emergency service. Best Home Cleaning cares for your needs!

Do you use your own chemicals and materials or we need to buy them for you?

Best Home Cleanings' professional cleaners use only chemicals and materials provided by the company. Our experts know which chemical is best for different types of cleaning and we aim to facilitate you by using only our own materials. You do not have to pay any extra money for materials - everything is included in the price.

Is there any difference in the price between a regular weekday and the weekends or bank holidays?

There is no extra charge for weekends and bank holidays. We treat everyone the same way as we consider some of the days may be more comfortable for you to hire us.

Do you cover areas around London and is there any extra charges for that?

We cover all London areas including zones 1-6. There are no extra charges for zone 6.

What happens if we are not satisfied with the results of your services?

As we try to satisfy all of our clients it is unlikely you end up not satisfied with our services. However, if this happend we will come back and do the cleaning all over again until you say you are happy with the result. We don't charge any extra costs for this service.