Check List EOT


-Working surface will be washed and polishe
-All grease and grime will be removed
-Doors, cupboards, shelves and drawers will be cleaned
-All old food bags will be disposed
-Wall tiles will be cleaned – polished
-The sinks and taps will be polished and cleaned from limescale
-Internal oven will be cleaned and removed of build up grease
-Exterior chrome outer will be cleaned and polished
-Dust from the hood will be cleaned
-Racks, trays and oven will be cleaned
-Burners and controls will be cleaned
-Cleaning the fridge and freezer, remove mold, dirt and food, cleaning the tire on the door
-Washing machine, dishwasher, soap drawer, rubber door will be cleaned
-The exterior of all appliances, kettle and toaster will be cleaned
-The microwave will be cleaned inside and out
-Household-cleaning buckets
-Hoover and mop the floor and edges
-Windows, window frames, door tops and door handles will be cleaned
-All the outlets and switches on lights will be cleaned and polished


-Shower screen will be scaled off, cleaned and polished
-The wall tiles will be skimmed, cleaned end polished
-Bath, basin, taps, shower heads and waste fittings will be cleaned, scaled off, dried and polished
-Toilet will be scaled off, and brushed clean. Seat and cover will be cleaned and disinfected
-All soap and shampoo deposits will be removed
-Mirrors will be cleaned and polished
-Extractor fans and air vents will be wiped
-Floors will be washed and polished. If there is a carpet, floors will be cleaned
-If there is any bathroom window, it will be cleaned

Bedrooms and General areas

-All lighting, plugs, sills, ledges, wall pictures, mirrors, railings, stairs, radiators will be cleaned and polished.
-Move furniture and vacuuming, cleaning skirting around furniture
-Mattresses will be lifted and vacuuming underneath
-Webs will be removed
-The floor-to vacuuming and washing (MOS)
-All glass (furniture, mirrors, pictures, frames, etc..) will be cleaned with detergent for
-Clean windows and windows sills.
-All doors, frames, tops of doors and door handles will be cleaned and polished
-Drawers and shelves will be cleaned of waste paper
-Vacuuming of lounge upholstery, cushions lift and clean underneath
-All wooden furniture will be carefully cleaned from dust
-Cabinets in and outside, all bedroom furniture will be cleaned.